SFD Consulting is a tech consulting and training company with locations in New York City and Los Angeles. Got tech news or tips? Send leads to editor@sfd.nyc

Welcome to SFD Consulting

Welcome to SFD Consulting

About SFD Consulting

SFD Consulting (SFD.NYC) was started in 1990 as San Francisco Digital out of the Ferry Plaza Building in San Francisco, California. We were one of the first consulting companies on the internet, having been trained by the same team that connected Northern and Southern California via the first commercial internet cable. We registered our original domain name, sfd.com, in 1994, and have kept our corporate web server ever running for over 23 years.

We are a senior level consulting practice working with clients in New York City and Los Angeles (SFD.LA).

We seek passionate clients and entrepreneurs looking to create beautiful, innovative, well-tested, scalable, single page apps for a worldwide audience.

We have also developed a self-directed, full-stack JavaScript developer training program and a Tech Accelerator for individuals and entrepreneurs seeking to learn advanced application development.


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