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Developer Training

Developer Training

SFDigital has created an online, self-directed training programming for students, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals.

This self guided, self paced courseware is based on 27 years of data-driven application development and designed with the student in mind.

Our curriculum is perfect for motivated learners with a strong desire to master full stack application development using JavaScript, ES6 and TypeScript. The entire course can be completed in as little as two months, if a student is dedicated to a full course load.

Start Today

Start learning by building single page apps for mobile and the web using a modern toolset and workflow.

Our Curriculum

The following courses are suggested for our self guided study program.


JavaScript Allongé, the "Six" Edition
Nature in Code
The JavaScript Way
Exploring ES6
Understanding ECMAScript 6
Advanced JavaScript Topics


Ionic Academy
Ionic 3
Ionic Firebase
Advanced Ionic Topics


Angular 2
Angular 4
Advanced Angular
Angular Router
Angular Reactive Forms


The Node Beginner Book
The Node Craftsman Book


Learning GraphQL and DataLoader


Introduction to ArangoDB

Firebase In Depth

Firebase courses

Elastic Search

ElasticSearch courses


Essential TypeScript


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