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Ionic News - April 2017

Ionic News - April 2017

Full Ionic 2/Ionic 3 mobile app with Ionic Native 3.x and InAppBrowser

April 24, 2017
In this latest post at Techie Diaries, Mrnerd updates his Cordova InAppBrowser plugin tutorial with an example demonstrating how to use InAppBrowser with the Ionic 2/3 (released March 2017) and Ionic Native 3.x, which has introduced some changes on how to use native plug-ins in order to increase performance and reduce the final app size.

Upgrade to Ionic 3 Lazy Loading (With Script!)

April 22, 2017
Author Simon at the Ionic Academy writes, "With Ionic 3 we can change our Ionic apps to use lazy loading, which will significantly boost our performance." Simon shows you how to upgrade your Ionic 2.x app to Ionic 3, and make use of Ionic lazy loading as well. He also gives you a script to automate most of the work in one step. Check out this amazing post and the amazing Ionic Academy as well!

Create a cross-platform mobile app for your responsive website with Ionic 2/3 and ThemeableBrowser webview

In the previous episode, Mrnerd explained how to build an app that displays your website to your app users using the Ionic 2 InAppBrowser plugin as a workaround solution for people who have already a responsive website and don't want to invest time or money building an app from scratch for their business. After some investigation, Mrnerd found a better solution using the ThemeableBrowser Cordova plugin which is no more than a fork of InAppBrowser with more features.

Ionic 3 New Pages Lazy Loading

This new feature from Ionic 3 not only makes our code more concise and allows us to access Pages wherever we want by only using a string. Matthieu Drula say, 'f* yea' to that!

Create a cross-platform mobile app for your responsive website with Ionic 2/3 and InAppBrowser web view - PART 2

In this tutorial, Mrnerd shows you how you to turn a responsive website into a mobile app with a few steps, then shows you how to upload it to major app stores, within the reach of millions of users.
PART 1 - https://www.techiediaries.com/ionic-2-webview-inappbrowser/

Ionic Native 3.x Produces 15% Smaller Apps

The Ionic Native 3.x introduces many features and changes to how to add native Cordova plugins to your Ionic 2 project. Mrnerd provides some examples of how to use Ionic Native 3.x on your project.

How to upgrade to Ionic 3/Angular 4

If you have not already heard, Ionic 3 is already released which comes with Angular 4 support and many features. In this post, Mrnerd shows you how to quickly and easily upgrade to Ionic 3 and Angular 4.

Ionic 3.0 has Arrived!

Notable in this update is Angular 4.0.0, TypeScript 2.1 and 2.2 compatibilities, IonicPage Decorator, and Lazy Loading.

“Live” Coding a Speed Reading Application in Ionic – Part 1

Josh Morony

Check out the new Ionic Academy

The Ionic Academy, started by Simon Reimler, is a self-guided learning center complete with quality videos, written content, and sample apps. Additionally, there’s a set of community features to help learners connect.

Check out the Ionic Academy today.

Paul Halliday Videos

Paul Halliday is a Durham-based tech entrepreneur that specializes in cross-platform HTML5 mobile development. His primary focus is writing software with JavaScript and has a wealth of experience with Angular and the Ionic Framework.

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