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SFD Consulting Tech Accelerator Program

SFD Consulting Tech Accelerator Program
Top graduates from our training program and exceptional applicants are invited to apply to the SFD Consulting Tech Accelerator Program for a six month residence.Individuals and companies should be building exceptional single page apps using technologies like Angular, React, Ionic, NativeScript, Firebase, GraphQL and ArangoDB.

We are looking for entrepreneurs based in New York City and Los Angeles that are seeking funding and mentorship in exchange for common stock. Please note, we do not fund companies that are not building advanced single page mobile and desktop apps.

Participant Benefits

$10,000 cash in exchange for 6% common stock, plus:

  • $3,000 laptop allowance
  • 6 months of floating space at WeWork
  • $150/month for cloud services for 6 months (DigitalOcean, AWS, email, etc.)
  • $3,000 printing and advertising budget (Months 3-6)
  • Daily mentoring sessions, M-F (Months 1-2)
  • Weekly mentoring sessions, M-F (Months 3-5)


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